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The Lula Kids brand was born out of love for children. The company offers products that meet children's dreams of a warm, nice and colorful world, but also parents' expectations about products that would be safe and educational, and stimulate imagination and creativity, while providing a lot of fun.

       Lula Kids offers a whole range of products such as teepee tents, mats, decorative pillows, 3in1 swings, as well as tailor made products for children's rooms. The offer also includes blankets, pillows, cot protectors, sleeping bags, pram inserts and many other necessary accessories for parents and their children.

       The entire range of the store comes from its own production hand-sewn with attention and accuracy to every detail. All materials used for production are of the highest quality with the necessary certificates and approvals. These materials come from the best Polish producers. Because the priority is the satisfaction and awareness of the buyer that the products are safe for children, and the high quality of workmanship will allow you to enjoy many years of use without signs of wear.

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