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A unique gift for a child that will please everyone!

Are you wondering about a gift? What to buy for a child? For birthday? One year old? Children's Day? For Santa? Under the Christmas tree? For the christening? Or maybe a gift without occasion? After all, there does not have to be an occasion to make a child happy!

If this question bothers you ..
This is the perfect place to solve this problem. We have the perfect proposal for you.
Teepee tent for a boy and a girl. It is the perfect solution for home, garden, terrace and even the beach.
For who in childhood did not dream of his own base? Where could he play with his friends? Or maybe hide from the whole world? Or take a nap? Now our children have a dream place - a wigwam.

A tipi is a tent that will never get bored. Perfect for a toddler, preschooler and even an old school kid. This place grows with the child, only changing the purpose of play. It is a perfect piece of furniture and a complement to a children's room, living room, terrace or garden. Or maybe some other place? Because it fits beautifully in every corner and will emphasize the decor of any interior. And it will delight everyone who sees it;) and encourage you to have fun!

Do you have little space in your home and you are wondering if the teepee is suitable for your apartment? No problem. The tent can be set up for the time of play and folded into a corner after the play is finished. Folded teepee takes up little space, so smaller apartments will not be an obstacle to having a tent.

You don't know which tipi set to choose? Write to us, we will help you and choose the right set for your child ...
Or maybe you have a designer spirit and you want to design a teepee yourself? Great! This place is perfect for you ..

We are waiting for your message ..
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